Saturday, December 1, 2007

24-Day Blogging Challenge

Okay, I'm up for a challenge! I got this from my AOL scrapbooking loopie, Susan.

Pics to follow, but my Emily assembled our new artificial Christmas tree all by herself and "only had to look at the directions twice" - Wow! She certainly didn't get that from my side of the family! ;o)

Tonight was my company's annual holiday party at the Ritz Carlton. It was very nice and I had quite an enjoyable time!


Susan said...

Mary Jo,

Good to see you here! You have a lot of wisdom and insight in your blog, and I know others will be blessed by it!


Dina at said...

Hi Susan,

That photo of the mama giraffe kissing her baby has to be the best thing I've ever seen. I also LOVE your family Christmas card. Brilliant! Thanks for blogging along with us during 24 Blogging Days 'til Christmas!

Dina at

Dina at said...

Oops - I meant to call you Mary Jo! (Had a senior moment while gazing at the comment from the other blogger). Sorry!!