Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's in a Name?

My good friend, Kelly, posed a question on Facebook this morning: "What does your name mean and are you living up to it?" Interesting. I've always known the importance of names in biblical days, but today? I didn't give much thought to naming my girls Kaitlynn ("pure") Rose ("fame or flower") and Emily ("rival") Ann ("grace"). I just liked the beautiful sound of their names.

I Googled a name-meaning website and discovered this:

My first name Mary means "sea of bitterness" (I have swam in that sea) and "rebelliousness" (I have defiantly raised that banner high). I like the Egyptian meaning which is "beloved." My middle name is Johanna which is the female version of John which means "gracious" - So I shall call myself "Beloved Grace" and hope I can live up to that! :o)

Kelly told me that Dr. Gerald Jeffers recently spoke on the name Mary which comes from "Mariam" which originally comes from "Moriah" (bitter water). Jesus was born from something meaning "bitter" and He turned it into something great. I like that!

Which reminds me of one of my favorite worship songs, "So Beautiful" by Kari Jobe and Christ for the Nations. Here is the verse that always touches me so deeply:

Merciful Father
There is none that compares to you
Who can take my bitterness
And make something sweet?
Only You

This is a cool website to check out:

So what does your name mean? Are you living up to it?