Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catch Up!

Hello! Wow, I miss my blogger world! Tax season has been in low gear so far this month, so I thought I would catch up before the storm hits in about two weeks.

Em dropped and broke my camera in December. Accidents happen so I bought her one for Christmas. And she dropped THAT one! So my pictures are very limited now *sniffle!* I will look into getting repaired ATS ("after tax season").

We're snowed in here in St. Louis (well, not literally snowed in, but the driving is dangerous and violin lessons have been canceled for tonight). Last night the three of us played a terrifically fun card came called Nertz.

Tonight we're snuggled in again. We're going to make brownies, put on some Delilah on the radio and play some more nertz! I love this time with my girls!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long Time!

Hello everyone!

I've disappeared from the blogger world for awhile because of a) holiday busyness; and b) my obession with Facebook! I hope this finds everyone well. We had a nice, but busy Christmas. And from there, I head straight into tax season. The years seem to be flying by. January is been slow for us at work (thankfully), but the storm will hit about mid-February and you won't see me for awhile until mid-April! (Seems like I just posted about last year's tax season not too long ago!) I look forward to catching up on reading your wonderful blogs. I've missed you all! Take care and God bless! - MJ

A very tried three-of-us late on Christmas Eve, wearing our new Christmas jammies!

One of Katie's Megaglomper friends made this for her. How cool! (Does this make me Edward's mother-in-law?!)

Baby Aly is no more. Now she's Little Girl Aly! She was the highlight of Christmas morning, helping to pass gifts out to everyone (even though she had a look like, "Why am I handing out gifts?") Christmas Eve was dinner at Barb and Brad's. Christmas morning breakfast was at Chris and Jeneane's.

Christmas morning at our house.

Teenagers! (My, how fast they are growing!)

A few weeks before Christmas, Sister-in-Law Jeneane, organized a "pottery night" at the Painted Pot. I learned a new technique - glass cutting. I was taught how to break pieces of glass and glue them together to make an artful project. That's my penguin on the right. It was later put in the kiln and melded together. I hope to do more of this in the future!

Barb, Jeneane, and Melanie at the Painted Pot.

Concentrating on that glue!

On New Year's Eve, Barb hosted her tradition "Kids NYE" party. Every year they write out the highlights of the old year, predictions for the new year, and read previous years' predictions. It's fun to see what they have written in the past!

The "Rob Your Neighbor" game. It's lots of fun, but they look oh-so serious!

My church had a New Year's Eve dinner and service. My pastor had asked me the day before if I would speak 3 - 4 minutes on the past year and how God had taken me through some troubled times (my divorce). I'm so glad I'm in the Toastmaster's public speaking club at work. It made me a lot less nervous and I actually enjoyed the opportunity to speak!