Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy! Busy! Busy!

WOW!! I've been busy (but not stressed - yay!) Almost all my shopping is done (can you believe it?!) Tonight I'm having a Home Interiors party over here (fun!) The house is still in a cluttered transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas (leaning more toward Christmas, thankfully!), but it will all come together.

Gone are the days of frantic running around, stressing out over stupid stuff.

I feel so abundantly BLESSED!!! God is good :o)

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Julie said...

I'm Julie. I was on my blog (new to this) and I hit the button at the top a couple of times where it says "next blog". Came to yours. Something made me read it. Would love to comment more but gotta get my 13 year old son up for school. Just wanted to say hi and maybe we can "visit" later. Check out my blog.