Saturday, December 29, 2007

Andrea Bocelli - Laura Pausini duet

Speaking of new things in my life.....this is the new style of music that I love! My mom was a fan of Bocelli, but I was never interested in it until now. I love this duet. I love when Andrea falls to his knees and takes Laura's hand! They have such a chemistry together. Don't you love that salt-and-pepper hair? Did I mention this guy is ITALIAN? Did I also mention he sings more like an angel than Josh does? (sigh!)


Lizzyblack said...

Nice duet, actually :) They both have great voices, I've had the chance to her them both live once (separately). Did you know that Laura Pausini is the first italian singer taking San Siro stadium for his last concert? This was amazing, the stadium usually was only taken by male singer, nobody thought a girl would ever be able to call so many fans. But she did :)

Mary Jo said...


I LOVE how their voices blend together! They are both so talented. I used to listen to Italian music over 20 years again. I recently bought Andrea Bocelli's newest cd. It is SO beautiful to hear those words in Italiano once again (even though I don't know what they are saying!) ;o)