Monday, December 3, 2007

New Traditions

As promised, here's our new tree! I love the built-in lights! I also love the idea of no pine needles and no crabby soon-to-be-ex criticizing me while trying to set the tree in the stand, putting on the lights, etc. .......Change is good!

Another thing that will be different about this Christmas is that it will be the one-year anniversary of Mom's passing. Christmas morning will be at our house instead of hers. I thought I would feel sad in hanging her decorations, but it only brought warm, fond memories of my childhood and an excited anticipation to new traditions.

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BeaK. said... your blog.

I'm a tree lover so enjoyed your tree post especially.

Holiday's are a little sad without our moms-but , there comes a time when we become the gate-keeper.

May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas season.

Bea Kunz