Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bah Humbug!

I was doing just fine with this holiday season until I had to go out on a Friday night, during the peak Christmas season, during a "wintry mix," and fight the crowds in order to find Emily shoes for her costume in her Christmas play at church this weekend. Ugh! Have I told you I hate shopping?! I'm so glad Barb has volunteered to be my personal shopper! And Barb came to the rescue! After hitting 3 or 4 stores and driving all over God's country (well, it felt like it at least), it turns out Barb has the same size foot, and the only shopping we needed to do was from her very own closet!

It wasn't all a lost cause. I did "accidentally" pick up a few Christmas gifts AND hit the Kohl's giant Friday night sale. I got these cool plates:

to go on my new Pampered Chef 3-tier shelf:

Okay, maybe shopping isn't so bad sometimes!

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