Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Countdown to Christmas!

Well, so much for my 24 days of Christmas blogging! No stress here though. Much has been going on. Yes, the Christmas cards are still sitting on the table (I'm getting writer's cramp from having to say, "After 19 years of marriage, Mike made some unwise choices and we're now getting divorced. Merry Christmas!!")

The sunroom looks like a Christmas decoration/wrapping paper explosion (I'll spare you the pictures!), but hey the Christmas lights out there look great and look really cool when you're driving down the interstate behind our house! I still have gifts to wrap and the house to clean for Christmas morning here with my family. Still, amazingly, it's all okay.

Below are some scenes from our snowy weekend!

Snowball fight, anyone?

Shiloh the snow dog!

Brother-in-law, Brad, came over this past Monday to paint my bedroom! (a birthday gift from Barb). Doesn't it look cool? He even painted the ceiling and baseboards and replaced the outlet plates and switchplate. Thanks, Brad!! It's nice to see my room slowly coming together.

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