Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Times, they are achangin'....

Emily starts middle school on August 13th this year, my birthday (and Katie goes back the following week). When I was a kid, my birthday was always weeks away from the start of school (after Labor Day). I realize that I'm sounding like an old person ("You ARE an old person, Mom!" I hear Katie say!), but is it really necessary to make summer vacation end so quickly? I do realize schools today let out in May, but sheesh.

My 10th birthday (1973) - I wasn't even thinking about starting school yet in this picture!

Back in the "ancient" days before cell phones, MP3 players, and recorded TV shows, life was good. We had to use our imaginations. We went outside and played, even in the heat and cold. Now my kids are content to watch videos and play on the computer all day.

Me in 4th grade at McNair Elementary in Hazelwood, Missouri, circa 1972

Did I mention I had to walk to school 50 miles in the snow up a hill? ;o)

Guess what? Christmas is five months from today! Is that craziness or what? On the ride home from work today, a local radio station was playing Christmas songs, some kind of "Christmas in July" thing. I was enjoying the songs for awhile, thinking how different the weather will be then! But then tears started flowing because I thought of how horrible last Christmas was with Mom dying two days before. Then I thought, let me get the tears out now in July so when next Christmas comes, we can all be happy and remember the good times.

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velvet brick said...

Aww... Mary Jo...
I'm sorry about your mother's passing. I understand from my own experience how difficult it is. Let those tears flow... totally normal, healthy, etc.

I am loving the countdown till Christmas counter! I am off to check that site out now! Nifty, girl! : ) Hugs