Saturday, July 7, 2007


This morning I went for a 4.3 mile walk throughout the neighborhood. I love going out early in the morning and checking out the gardens and landscaping. I came across this funky, round house. How cool is that?! A little high for our budget though. This is what I love about Maryland Heights. You have your older, "cracker box" homes, average homes (like ours), new mini-mansions, and every now and then something cool like this geodome thingie.

On another, not-so-pleasant topic, I got the following email from Marty. He's been in charge of Craigslisting the junk left in Mom's house and he's been taking care of getting rid of the appliances. I will share his email with you, but let me warn's not for the weak-hearted (or if you just ate!)

Hi all,

The guy came over to Mom's at 8 this morning to get all the stuff in the basement...I helped him up with all of it, including one of the washers that was so rusted, the bottom was non-existent! Oy! We got the footlocker, as well. As we were putting the old "beer" refrigerator on his trailer, it happened.....I shudder to think of it again, but you must know....

The door slid open revealing the contents of the refrigerator from long, long ago...raw chicken (or the now empty styrofaom containers), lunchmeats, milk, eggs, butter, leftovers, much of it unidentifiable but firmly encrusted with enterprising egg cocoons. I was mortified. After controlling the urge to retch right there on the driveway, he politely told me that he couldnt take all that with him, so being an agreeable chap, I grabbed the empty trash can out of the carport and thanked God that I had brought my gloves (which are now in dire need of a good washing)and started the excavation. The guy was even nice enough to help, offering me $50 if I ate one of the pepperonies still unopened from the fridge. I politely declined.

So, dear family, picture me as Sherlock Holmes, sitting back, lighting one of Dad's pipes and coming to the elementary conclusion that THIS indeed was the cause of much of the smell that permeated (and still does) the house we grew up in. Think for a moment of your life and all that has happened to you in the last 15-20 years...this is my estimated guess of when the fridge stopped working, and yet no one bothered to clean it out. Sad, indeed. MJ, sorry I didnt get any pix for your blog, but the trashcan is still in the carport!!

Altogether now......"ssssssSICK!!!!!!!!!"

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