Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Shoulda Had My Camera With Me!

Today was another clean-up day at Mom's. Lauren was the only sib who couldn't make it. Marty showed us pictures he had developed from old negatives he rescued (when the rest of us would have pitched them.) We were glad he saved them. They were pictures of Mom's side of the family and from Mom & Dad's wedding. It was cool to see them in color as all we've had were the black & white proofs they never returned (in typical Mintman fashion!)

You could tell Lauren "the cleaner" wasn't there, as the four of us stood around talking the whole morning, then went to lunch at Culpepper's. Finally we got to work sweeping and mopping the basement.

I joked that we should bring the hose inside the house and down to the basement, and Chris actually did it! All the good the mops and buckets of water were doing was slopping around mud water.

(And he offered all of us a drink just like in this cartoon!)
Then Barb and Marty started scrubbing the walls. Then Chris tore down the rotted wall between the laundry room and former junk room.

The next plan is to get rid of the remaining junk, slap some paint on the living room walls and hallway, shampoo the living room carpet, get the house appraised and then hopefully make a quick "as is" sale. It will be good to get the house sold so we can finish up with probate and go on with our lives.


Lisa Watson said...

Sounds like a fun day with the I don't envy. But, WHY didn't you have your camera?? YOu know it should ALWAYS be in your pocketbook.

Rhona said...

Hi Mary Jo, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a message (how did you find me??) I've just had a quick look at your blog but will take the time to visit properly soon. Love the photo of you in an earlier blog - I have a skinny school days photo too somewhere, must dig it out lol!

velvet brick said...

Hi Mary Jo,
I LOVED the story of your 'girl's day' this past weekend and how you were swimming while it was raining...! YES!! Funny how we spend so much thought on how to get out of the rain, or stay dry when it does rain. Wasn't if fun to embrace it and get wet?? Thanks for the comment and story... wonderful! : )