Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life's a Beach!

We're back! Five relaxing days at the beach--my kinda vacation! We spent the mornings at the beach, afternoons relaxing, napping, watching cable TV (a treat for us!) and evenings at the pool. I really could get used to that kind of life. I have never thought much of the Panhandle. I guess I always thought it was just an extension of Alabama and Mississippi. I definitely would return. The soft, white sand and clear water was so beautiful. My sister-in-law Christine, thought it was just as pretty as Hawaii.

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velvet brick said...

Hi Mary Jo!! I loved your video!! The beach looks so clean, the water so pure...what wonderful shots of a vacation! I've never been to daughter went with my son in May, but 'mom' has never been there. It looks like a wonderful place for a great summer vacation. Your family is adorable and how great that you were able to spend time having fun! Thanks for your comment on my blog... I watch the clouds and get all excited, then have to just sigh when they get ornery and change their minds! Hehe! Glad you stopped by! I am looking forward to visiting you at your blog! : )