Saturday, July 5, 2008


We had a "blast" (HA!) at Barb and Brad's on the 4th of July. Everyone was there except for Lauren, who had to work. Our sweet girl, Aly, kept everyone entertained, along with Brad's step-sister, Mandy, and cousin, Riley ;o)

It was so much fun that we, along with Marty, ended up staying past midnight. Thanks to Barb and Brad who always put on a good party!

Aly's getting so big!

Return of Crazy Firecracker Man!

Marty, Unc, Chris, & Brad entertain the kids with snakes and parachutes.

Katie, Emily, & Melanie chillin' by the pool (the weather was surprisingly cool for a St. Louis 4th of July)

Stylin' Aly (Her dad doesn't approve of the two-piece bathing suit though!)

The only safe place from the crazy fireworks!

Emily makes a new friend (Riley)

Check out Aly's itty bitty pigtails!

Mandy, ready to hit the beach.

Me and my girlies!

The stars of the show: Riley (he's a lifeguard!) and Mandy. They belong to Brad's mom and aunt.

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Rhona said...

Love the photos and glad you had a good time. I had to laugh at Riley and Mandy. We have two Bichons as well - Wallace and Cloud.