Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Saturday

Aah, today was a good day. The weather has been cool and cloudy enough to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

The girls and I finally got around to painting the baseboards in Katie's room. Tonight Mike put together the daybed from Grandma Weez's house. Brother-in-law Brad was kind enough to bring it from Mom's house last week before the big cleanup day. The pieces of it (mattress included) have been sitting in our living room ever since! It will be nice to have Katie's room put together and to have the living room back.

I also painted the hallway, well part of it. I'm off work until next Thursday (woohoo!) so I'll get it finished in the next couple days. It hasn't been painted since we moved here 13 years ago!

The hallway I painted--not an exciting shot, but I'm excited because it's so clean and white! It had been getting pretty scruffy-looking.

This is a close up of a stitching my mom gave me for my birthday back in 1995, right before Emily was born. It means a lot to me because it's inscribed to me on the back.

Here are some pictures of Shiloh. He's part beagle with some bassett in him. We've had him almost five years. We're not sure of his age, but you can see the gray coming in on his face. He's a very sweet, yet stubborn dog. Look at those sad eyes. He really puts on a show with guests, giving everyone that pitiful "no one pays attention to me" look!

I grilled pork chops and potatoes tonight! I mentioned in an earlier post that I was never a Girl Scout and never bothered to learn how to grill or barbeque. I figured I should finally learn at age 43! I kind of created this marinade on my own (basing it on a few recipes I found on the internet). I used Italian dressing, steak sauce, onion salt (since I didn't have any onions) and fresh ground pepper. It was yummy, if I do say so myself! Although I did lose one pork chop through the grill. It fell all the way to the bottom so there was no rescuing it.

Here Shiloh is hoping I will lose one of the porkchops in his vicinity!

I set up the bookshelf I got from Mom's house. It's a nice addition to the clutter in the basement! Actually it was nice to get all the books off a table and into some organized order. Most of the books on the top shelf are ones I have acquired through and hope to pass on one of these days.

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Karen White said...

What a fun Saturday! We have not used our grill in a while, so you have inspired me to get moving!
I love the bright color on the bedroom walls...You did good! I need a few lessons on how to handle projects around the house....You did all of this and work too! I'm impressed! Oh, to be young again!

Karen White