Friday, June 22, 2007

Trashbag Full of Memories

We had a leaky pipe in our basement for a few days. As a result I had to throw out hundreds of stuffed animals that the girls have accumulated over the years. I saved a few special ones and was able to rescue a bagful for charity.

As I tossed the mildewy critters into the bag, the memories flew by one by one, Barney and Baby Bop--how they went with us everywhere, scores of Beanie Babies (yes, I trashed them!)--memories of Katie's Beanie Baby Birthday party (her idea!) back when she was 7 or 8; countless, nameless, baby dolls. Even some stuffed animals I didn't recognize. They were stuffed (no pun intended) to the roof of the Little Tykes play house unfortunately right where the water was leaking under the wall.

I knew someday I would have to get rid of them. It's just sad to let go sometimes.

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