Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random bits of our lives (sounds like a soap opera!)

I changed my profile pic because my sister Barb said it looked like I didn't have hair! I liked it because it shows off my Mother's Day flowers Mike got me and also serves as a good blubber cover! :o)~ But here's a good shot of the flowers sans me appearing to have no hair! You can see our cool new sunroom too. That's not a ghost outside the window. It's Emily on the deck!

Emily and I being silly making a self-portrait!

Katie and her favorite way to spend the day (Other than being one of the top posters on her favorite message board!)

I'm usually very critical of pics of myself, but this one I like. I'm expounding on some subject to my friends, Sue and Stephanie, after Katie's 8th grade graduation.

Painting Katie's room "Isle of Capri" blue!

Who's that conehead?

Summer scrabble sisters! (How many points for that?)


wendster said...

Hey Mary Jo! Welcome to blogging. I found you on Jolene's comment page. You and I have some common ground: We are both mothers of red heads, we are both a little fluffy, and we are both children of God. cool stuff. Nice to meet ya. come on over and see my blog sometime if you like. I'm in California. And hey! I've been to Grant's Farm! I love that place. My ex in laws used to live in Mo so I've been there a couple of times. Took road trips to Nauvoo and Mark Twain town, whatever it's called. ha. Saw some of the best quilts there I've ever seen and decided: that looks like a lot of work. But maybe some day I'll do one. I started one forever long ago. Gotta work on completion.
Once again, welcome to blogging. Wendy

Jolene George said...

Welcome to the blogging world Mary Jo. I love the tribute to your dad. ...very nice!
Your new patio chairs are too cute and I love that deck of yours!