Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Go Away, Paris

I saw this on Suzanne's blog. It's hilarious! Has there ever been a celebrity who gets so much publicity for doing nothing (basically)? And as much as I can't stand it, I still find myself reading the news stories on her. Arghhh!!

Go away, Paris!

On another topic. . .

I have never been a Girl Scout, so growing up, the barbequing was always the responsibility of my GS sisters. Then I got married and it was Mike's job. Now that we have the new deck, I decided we needed a grill and I need to learn how to use it. Tonight was my first experiment with grilling burgers. I didn't take any pics (you should be glad), but can you say, "crunchy"?! Well, thankfully I had extras so Shiloh got to enjoy the extra crispy ones!

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Suzanne said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog :)
I feel so cool!