Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings! The whole family's asleep right now. I like to wake up and go out on the deck to spend some time with God. It's the best way to start a day!

Check out the new chairs I bought for the deck/patio/wherever-I-feel-like-setting them! Emily and I went to Garden Ridge in pursuit of modeling clay for a summer school project. We didn't find the clay, but I did find these cool chairs. And what a steal - $30 each!

Now I'm off for my morning walk. I've been trying to walk a couple miles each day since I was inspired by my friend and co-worker, Diana, who walked 50 miles in 3 days for MS. When I exercise to lose weight, I always end up failing. Since tax season ended, I find that when I exercise I feel so much BETTER. So that's my purpose now--good health, and if I lose a few pounds along the way, that would be great!

Of course I'll end my walk with a trip to St. Louis Bread Company (Panera, to those of you outside of St. Louis) for an IC Mocha and some deliciously-sweet, high-carb treat, disguised as breakfast food!


Jennifer said...

mmmm... I love Panera!! And those chairs are gorgeous!!

I am so glad you are blogging! I will have to add you to my links!

I am going to have to look up your city to see how far you are from me. I feel like making a road trip soon anyway... lol

Susan said...

Welcome to the wonderful wide world of blogging. It's so much fun to put your thoughts done on paper.

I love those breakfast quiches at Panera (and I don't usually like eggs!) And their cinnamon crunch bagel and their everything bagel and their rosemary and onion bread and their chabatta rolls and and and ...!

the#2sistah said...

Hey!! I think that first picture of Dad with the kid on his shoulder is me!!!! Check out that chubby face. (It's probably wishful thinking. I wanna dance with my Daddy again!!!) Are sibling comments allowed on blogging???

Mary Jo said...

Sorry, Barb. You were not the only chubby-faced baby! That was taken outside our apartment in University City! Hey,are you going to start blogging too?!