Monday, October 20, 2008


All day at work I was actually looking forward to getting home and finishing this job. I'm so pleased with it! And besides having room to park the car AND finding the missing garage door remote, guess what else I found??? My missing Disney World pics!! Yay!! We went there at Christmas in 2000 and I have torn the house apart looking for them. I was beginning to fear I had accidentally thrown them away. But there they were, tucked away in a box in the corner!

I love this self-portrait Em took. It reminds me of a Nancy Drew cover! Emily McConnell and the Case of the Missing Jonas Brother. LOL!!


Trish said...

glad you found your pics!! thanks for the comment-the stickers were from walmart, think they were just 1.00 a package (I'd like to get a label maker sometime though)hope you have a great week!!

Rhona said...

Great job on the garage Mary Jo! What a difference it'll make to you. Ours still look like your before photos (or worse) ;o) What a relief to find the photos, I hate when I know I have some but can't find them anywhere. Now some scrapbooking???

Trish said...

Thank you so much for the comment! It makes me feel good to hear you say that-I know how it is to feel down and all that!! Today I almost didn't even do anything creative, I just got home from work, put my pj's on and got under the covers...but that doesn't make me feel better(even though it is nice and cozy, it's not going to change anything) so I got out my journal that I wrote in this morning and did what I said I was going to do!(well, almost all) And I watched some Suzi Blu-have you watched the the one "you are an artist"? I think I have posted it before, but I will post it again, watch it:) It makes me feel better!! and I have been working on my girl sketches, come over and look (I have to upload it) ok-that is long enough, huh?! I hope you feel better and come visit me again!! do you have google talk or myspace? we could chat more!

Trish said...

thank you!! I don't have aim or facebook-(well, I signed up for facebook a long time ago, but never did anything with it) I hope you have a good weekend! I am going to draw more girls :)