Monday, October 27, 2008


Katie spotted this squirrel outside my window, taking a break for some sun bathing!

Phoenix is all snuggled up for a cool, fall evening!

I love crunching through the leaves on a warm, fall day. As a kid, once mid-September hit, Mom never allowed us outdoors barefoot, even if the weather was warm. So I didn't get to experience barefoot leaf-crunching until I was an adult!

I had this plant on the deck all summer. It had become tall and gangly and overgrown, so I chopped the heck out of it and decided to just go with the new growth at the bottom.

It was late at night when Katie snapped this one. This is me, very tired, trying to look like I'm not! That's a butternut squash at my elbow. I'm planning on cooking it this week (something new!)

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Rhona said...

Love fall photos and the one of the squirrel is cute - don't blame him for sunbathing! We've got a warm autumn day today and I'm going to sit outside to have my lunch now :OD - that makes me very happy!!