Saturday, June 21, 2008

No cast for Emily - woohoo!

We had good news at the doctor's office yesterday. Emily doesn't have to wear a cast and can go swimming, shower and bathe. Woohoo!! A week after her surgery (when she was supposed to have the real cast put on), the doctor decided the incision looked a little infected. So he put her on antibiotics, told us to keep her foot wrapped up in an ace bandage and wear a special, non-weight-bearing protective boot.

He decided since she has done so well with that, there's no need for a cast. She's free to lose the ace bandage and wear socks. Last night, Emily looked down at her socked feet and said, "Look Mom, it looks like I have normal feet!" She will go back to the orthopedist in two weeks to see if she can start putting some weight on her foot.

We are so grateful for a quick healing!

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