Thursday, August 28, 2008


Monday marked Emily's 13th birthday! (Yep, I'm officially the mom of two teenagers - oy!) Two of her best friends, Emily R and Sydney showed up at our house at 6 a.m., dressed her up silly, and took her out for breakfast before school started. Thanks go out to the sainted Mr. R who so kindly sat out in his truck for 1/2 hour that early in the morning while the girls dressed Emily!

Sydney, Emily, Emily R


Caroline said...

How wonderful to have such great friends! Love the pics!!

Jenn said...

Birthday, Emily!!

We used to have kidnap breakfasts when I was in Job's Daughters. It was so much fun!

Trish said...

what fun for her! I know how you feel-my son is 15 and I can't get used it:)

Rhona said...

Happy Birthday Emily - 13!!!!!
What a fun way to start your birthday and what lovely friends she has. I think it's great, hope the rest of the birthday is as much fun!

Trish said...

ok-you are now my favorite person:) you and the guy at the gas station that carded me for cigarettes tonight!! (I'm 37, but I don't FEEL almost 40!!or act it:)

Uncle Marty said...

Happy belated b-day, Em!! Say, is that the feather boa that I bought you for your b-day years ago??! Oh. Wait. That's right. You threw that one up into the ceiling fan and trashed it. ROFL

Hope it was a blast!! :)