Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catch Up

Lest my loyal readers think I've become obsessed with Twilight (who me?!) I decided to show you what else has been going on in our lives this summer.


Katie and her friend, Brittany, had a Double Sweet 16 picnic a few weeks ago. It was a hot and humid day, but the kids had fun, especially with the water balloons!

Britt & Kat

Em & Kat


"Bring Your Child to Work" day took place in July also. Even though my girls have almost outgrown it, they still enjoy coming to work with me for a day and helping out in our department. This year the theme was the presidential race. The kids paraded around in these candidate masks. It was kind of scary! Especially when I was concentrating at my computer and looked up to see Obama right next to me!

Working Girls

Hilary and Obama (with a braid!) pay a visit

A parade of candidates (scary!)


We celebrated Gram's 99th birthday in July also.

Barb & Gram


Katie's first driving lesson (in the library parking lot)! She did very well. Check out her new specs! She looks so grown up.

It's hard to believe 16 years ago I was folding, sorting, and rearranging tiny baby clothes and dreaming about when my baby would arrive (not until August 22nd). Now just look at her!


Trish said...

my son is waiting to take his permit test-we have to get a replacement ss card and his birth cert. ended up in the washer-he had it in his pants pocket, it's in bits and pieces now:(
so must get a copy next week....maybe I am not in too much of a hurry for him to take it??though I know he is! he's still my baby-anyways I enjoyed your post-and thanks for the comment, I just found scrapblog-I am playing with it to try to make another banner:)

Rhona said...

Thanks for the update. Isn't it scary how quickly the children grow up! My son is 20 already and I just don't feel old enough ;o) Love all the photos, when do your girls go back to school?