Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Could Happen When You "Skip Bigly"

On Monday night, the girls and I decided to see a movie. We chose "National Treasure." It was near the end when Em ran out to use the restroom. She came hobbling back in tears. She told me she had tripped and fell on the way back. Her foot began swelling immediately so we left early. (I guess we'll have to wait and see the ending on DVD!)

After piggy-backing her through the mall, we went directly to the hospital where thankfully they took her right in. The x-rays showed three broken bones on the top of her foot. The ER doctor on duty said injuries like this usually occur when someone drops a heavy object on their foot or when they jump or fall from a great height and land on their toes. After some interrogation, Emily sheepishly confessed to "running and skipping bigly" on the way back to the theatre! Aha! Apparently her foot twisted and she landed on her toes, rolling her foot forward, causing the fractures.

They set up her with a temporary cast until the permanent one could be put on yesterday morning. Thankfully no bones had to be reset! She's having some pain and swelling so she's home from school a second day in a row. Tomorrow she'll be back to school with the challenge of making her way around on crutches (She can't put any weight on the foot for two weeks).

Back home after the emergency room visit late Monday/early Tuesday with her temporary splint, applying an ice pack. Em was a great sport and so brave! She was more concerned that she might have to get a shot than having broken bones! Here she is good spirits. The real pain won't start until the next day (gotta love that Tylenol with codeine!)

Dressed and ready to head to the orthopedic doctor for the cast.

The hot pink cast! (You thought it would be any other color?!)


Barb said...

I love the Tylenol with Codiene picture!!!! I hope when Emily's foot heals she won't be afraid to skip "bigly"!!!! Skipping bigly is SO Em and I can picture her doing it in my head!!! Skipping bigly means she enjoys the simple pleasures in life and if you can do that, you can make it through this life. We should all skip bigly!!!! Just not break our foot!!! Love ya, Em!!!!!

Caroline said...

Oh oh!! Love the pink! Wishing Emily all the best for a speedy recovery!

Uncle Mawdy said...

Was Em wearing a bread bag on her foot when this happened?! ROFL

Maybe she'll learn in the future that she should GO to bigly instead of skipping it!! Bwah-haha!

Hope you get all healed up soon, Emmers! Ask your Mom for a glass of milk and good luck in physical therapy learning how to skip all over again!! :D

Lizzyblack said...

That pink shade is lovely! Well done Em ;)

Jolene George said...

Love that movie!
My son Chad broke 3 bones on the top of his foot while riding a quad. Hurt bad enough to make a tough teenage boy cry. His cast was blue. :o)