Saturday, January 5, 2008

My last free Saturday for awhile :o(

Yuck. It's tax season once again. Normally I would be working this first Saturday of the new season, but things were pretty slow. I intended to get so much done today, down the Christmas decorations, clean the basement, clean out the garage so I have room for the Christmas tree which I refuse to dismantle, etc., etc., etc.

So I got a few necessary things done but decided to enjoy my last Saturday off until late April.


It's going to be a challenge working all those hours with the girls home alone, but they're old enough now to handle it. I just hate being away from them for so long. We've already had a meeting about teamwork. Katie said, "Mom, it's not that big of a deal. Dad was never here last tax season anyway." (sneaking out of the house all the time to meet his girlfriend while I worked up to 80+ hours a week---but don't get me started!)

I'll just take another deep breath and take one day at a time like I always do!


Rhona said...

Hi Mary Jo, thanks for your mesage on my blog - it's good to be back again. I've been thinking of you and the girls too and hope that things are getting easier day by day. I don't envy you no free Saturdays until April though - guess that's the downfall of working for a tax office! Hope to see more posts on your blog soon. xx

Lizzyblack said...

One day at time is the best decision one can take :) You are a great team, you'll make everything all right ;)

velvet brick said...

Sounds like you and the girls have a great plan for making it through this busy, busy time! Do try to take a moment now and then to do something fun together... I know how crazy and busy things can get.
Hang in there, girl! You're doing great! : )