Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Inspirations

I'm feeling newly inspired lately. In music, in art, in the world all around. I discovered this artist. I love her work. I ordered her print called "Within Reach" - It's so me! I've had this thing for stars lately.

Tonight my friend, Linda, and her daughter Theresa, treated Katie, Emily, and me to a night at the St. Louis Symphony. Tonight's highlight was Scottish music. It was so beautiful. In the past, I never appreciated this style of music, but my life is changing so quickly now, so much is opening up to me.

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velvet brick said...

OOOHhh I love this photo!!! It's fantastic! And yes! It is you with the stars!! I am glad you ordered for yourself! And an evening of Scottis music sounds so magical! I am so glad you're treating yourself, dear girl! : )