Monday, September 8, 2008

Yummy fall dinner

Lately it's been a rare occasion when I cook (unfortunately), but yesterday temperatures felt cool and crisp, and I had just received some new recipes in the mail. So I made this! It was quite delicious (if I do say so myself). I'm trying to use more healthy and organic food, but this made for something quick and easy that will be simple to throw together during a busy week.

My friend, Betty, came over yesterday for a visit. It made me realize I haven't had someone over like that for much too long. I always use the excuse that the house is too messy (and it was messy, but Betty and I had a nice time anyway!)


Trish said...

mmmm...that looks good:) you reminded me that I had planned to put stuff in the crock pot this morning (I don't cook, but i love the crock pot-makes it seem like I do!) have a great day

(and thanks for the congrats!)

Rhona said...

That looks really tasty, I might just have to try it out. I'm a bit like you and don't have people round very often because the "house is too messy" - I've learnt though, if they are true friends they don't care what your house looks like, they've come to see you. Maybe we need to have people round more often!!