Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since 5th grade, I have considered myself a writer. But even though I have doodled, drew pictures, and sketches through the years, for some reason, I never considered myself artistic. Several years ago, a friend looked at me and asked, "Are you an artist?" I scowled and snorted and said, "Huh, NO!"

But thanks to the inspiration of some of my blogger friends, I guess I realized I AM an artist. Just because I don't have aspirations to have a great painting in a museum or even to have people displaying my work in their homes, just like my writing, my art is for fun and lately has been somewhat therapeutic for me. Inspired by Trish, I've just started sketching in my journal.

Last night we were at the Magic House (a hands-on kids' science museum here in St. Louis) for a party. On a whim, I sketched my self portrait, just for fun! (This was a light board intended to sketch silhouettes.)

(Ok, so it doesn't really look like me, but it was fun sketching it!!)

Another inspiration of mine is
Tascha in Canada. I love her work, and her blog is so fun, especially the videos. I just recently purchased one of her prints called "Lovers" - isn't it adorable? (You can see a better view of it in Tascha's Etsy shop.)

I'm always inspired by the creativity of my other blogger friends as well, whether showing their scrapbooking projects, photography, or just their artful blog entries. So thanks to all of you for the inspiration!


Jenn said...

Tascha's stuff is so cool! You might like this lady's stuff too. I loved her fashion blog when she posted on it, and her artwork just makes me feel so whimsical.

I like your sketch! Have fun exploring your creative outlets!!

Rhona said...

Glad you're enjoying your art, I can't draw to save my life which is why scrapbooking comes in handy ;o) Look forward to seeing more of your art on the blog.

Trish said...

ahh! thanks for the mention:) we ARE artist! (I know, I feel weird saying that , but I am gonna keep saying it!) your sketch is cute, and who knows, maybe people WILL have your work in their home-with practice you never know:) I am going to keep doing it for me cause it is therapeutic. Now I am headed over to Tascha's blog, I don't think I have been there-take care and have a good evening! p.s. I received my prize in the mail from the beach contest thingy, so exciting-2 books, a necklace, a hat and tote bag!! ok, it's been a long day, I am going to go clean....or maybe I will just rest instead-lol

Trish said...

oh! that's tascha-I have watched her videos (and one is on my blog-have never visited her blog before though-) I love her work:)