Friday, November 28, 2008

My Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Maybe it was the nicer weather. Maybe it was having the celebration back at my brother's place after a nasty house fire last year. Maybe it's that the kids are growing up and we're not having to follow them around everywhere. I don't know what it was, but this was the most relaxed and fun Thanksgiving I can ever recall!

Growing up, we're were always expected to "behave" at family functions. Although I miss my mom, it's like we have free reign to laugh, act silly, and be ourselves now. The best part (besides the fantastic food) was doing dishes in Marty's kitchen as we rocked out to some of his favorite tunes (and some old songs too!) We danced as we did our chores.

When we were kids, dessert was NEVER served until the dishes were done. Ah, the freedom to let the dishes sit and to enjoy each other's company. There was no official announcement when it was time to clean up. I wandered into the kitchen and picked up a dish cloth and before you know it, everyone was there pitching in....and having a grateful, hysterical, memory-making time of our lives.


Rhona said...

You can see in the photo that you're relaxed and you look really happy. It's so good to see you like this!

Trish said...

glad you had a nice thanksgiving! Just stopped by to say hi-haven't talked to you in awhile-
I'll stop by again soon to see what I have missed (it's 6 am, yuck, going to try to go back to sleep!)
take care