Thursday, November 13, 2008

Appreciate the Season

I'm learning to appreciate each season. I used to dread autumn because it ushered in winter (and I despise the cold!). Seeing the flocks of birds fly south always made me sad. I realized my change in attitude the other day when I was happy to see the little guys heading for warmer climates (they must be the smart ones!)

(I can't take credit for the above picture-it's from Google images, but I did take the one below.)

Another part of appreciating the season is taking notice of the moon. It's been so pretty to me lately. This is not a very clear picture, but it's the moon through the branches of my backyard tree.

All my life, it seems, I have kept my opinion to myself (for the most part) so as not to rock the boat. It's been a real eye-opening experience for me through this past election. I voted for what I thought was right in my heart--the truth for me--and was so heavily attacked by friends whom I've discovered are very narrow-minded. I'm amazed at so many people who think it's their way (the way they perceive life) or nothing.

I want to be open-hearted to people. Sure, I have my own convictions, but I know I cannot push them off on others or expect others to believe exactly the way I do. I'm learning that, for me personally, I just can't go with the flow, be content with the status quo. I have to do what's right for me and follow God's leading, even if others do not approve.


Rhona said...

Good for you! I also believe you have to do what you feel is right for you. It's not always the easy path but in the end you've been true to yourself and that can count for a lot. As for the moon, I've been inside, curtains closed as I try and keep warm lol!!

Trish said...

I have had a hard time speaking my mind in the past too-I still do sometimes, but getting better! I have always loved fall the best, but hated to see it slip away to winter, although I do love staying inside in my pj's with some hot chocolate-if only we didn't have to go outside in the cold and snow, it would be great!