Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shattered Dreams

I have been quiet for awhile because there has been a huge turn in my life. I found out on August 4th that Mike has been having a 5-month affair (with a woman who belongs on the Jerry Springer show: married, six kids, several other lovers, an addiction, money problems, you name it).

So now the truth comes out....

It started with a pornography addiction ten years ago, then progressed to emailing strangers, meeting them, and then an affair three years ago of which I found out. Being the first "official" offense, we went to counseling and I forgave him as he pledged to work it out.

It turns out there have been three affairs in the past three years. He has spent thousands of dollars on her (I found and printed the secret emails.) He even had the gall to bring her into my home and "fool around" with her in MY bedroom WHILE the girls were at home!! How stupid is that?

The very, very sad thing is that Katie (almost 15) knew about the affair for several months (he was openly on the secret cell phone with this woman (to use a nice word) whenever I wasn't home and sneaking down the street whenever he could). He lied constantly, even using his extended family in the lies, and I, being the fool I am, fell for it.

We almost made it to 20 years (next year). The girls are handling it okay. It's a range of emotions for the three of us, but God is taking care of us. We are surrounded by caring friends and family. I'm having anger issues (duh!) so if you are a praying person, please send one up for all of us.

I meet with my attorney tomorrow. Hopefully Mike will go along with everything. After all, he is the Offender (as my pastor told me). This whole thing just makes me sick, especially at how he has hurt his daughters, the ones he always claimed to love the most.

More later.


Rhona said...

I'm so sorry you're going through all this. I can only imagine how hurtful it must be for you and the girls. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I do believe things happen for a reason though what that reason is remains unknown until it presents itself to you. Stay strong. {{hugs}}

velvet brick said...

Hi MJ,
I said my thoughts in my email to you, and I am holding you and your beautiful daughters close in my heart and prayers. You are brave to do what you need to do. Your daughters will look back at this and realize your strength. Stay loyal to your journey. We all love you.