Monday, February 13, 2012

Dae: Yes, but then she would complain that i never get her any flowers or candy or chocolates and my coworker got a GIANT bouquetwhydon'tyoueverdoan​ythingthoughtfulformewhyis​itsohardtofindagoodmannott​hatyouaren'tagoodmanbutyou​couldbemorethoughtfulwoulditKILLYOUtobealittl​emorethoughtfulespeciallya​fterallthosebedroomthingsi​doforyouevenwheni'mnotinth​emoodireallydon'tthinkit's​thatbigadealbutifyouwantto​gowatchthesportsballgamewi​thyourbuddiesfinei'lljusts​tayhereandbesadandalonebec​ausethat'swhatyoureallywan​tanyhowisn'titohmygodishou​ldhavemarriedJames.

MJ: Let me tell it to you this way: Don't waste money on a day when romance is EXPECTED. Obligation does not equal romance. Send her a simple bouquet of flowers on some random day of the year with a note that says, "Just Because." Then she will appreciate you. And that's much more adventurous than "Ohgreatit'sFebruary14thIh​opeI canstillfindacardandflower​sathegrocerystoreonmywayho​mefromwork."

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Real Chick said...

Good idea about not doing it just when it's "supposed" to happen, but you try skipping Feb 14 and let me know what happens. I wish you luck. (Probably need to stock up on band aids before you go this route. Just saying...)