Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, My Friend!

Do you remember grade school? Valentine's Day was a BIG deal. We would spend weeks (it seemed) decorating shoe boxes with construction paper, paste, colored paper, hearts, doilies, candies, foil, and whatever other cool media we could find. Then we would sign scads of Valentine cards, carefully seal them in mini envelopes and address them to our classmates and friends. The party was so cool! Passing out the Valentines was fun but it was even more exciting to get home and open each one received.

But then....puberty arrives and suddenly a fun holiday has shifted from that of friends to that of feeling pressured to have a "sweetheart" at an age when I still thought most boys had cooties. Not to mention, if I did like a boy, I would rather DIE than let him know my true feelings!!

So since I have been about 13, I haven't liked this holiday very much. Even when I had a true love, I always felt sorry for all the single people out there who were meant to feel like losers for being on their own on this holiday of supposed love.

Even during the years of my marriage, I suppressed a bitterness because marriage was not what I had imagined or expected it to be. Sure I received the obligatory flowers and candy, but decided I would rather have nothing rather than a reminder of what was missing in my life.

So now, I'm past the divorce and experiencing such a relief and freedom in my life and I have declared that THIS Valentine's Day I am changing my attitude. I'm going back to grade school in my thinking...excited about sharing a fun holiday with my friends. No pressure. Love is fair and love is equal and love is cool.......for everyone, no matter if you have a sweetheart in your life or not.

I hope YOU have a wonderful Valentine's Day, no matter how you celebrate!!

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Anonymous said...

I love how Transparent you are.
Love you so much Friend,