Saturday, March 22, 2008

Open Road

Seven months after our separation, Mike continues to be a disappointment as a father.

At one time I tried to MAKE him be a good husband. It didn't work.

I need to realize and accept that I cannot make him be a good father either. I need to accept him as what he's become and to release him from his role as my husband.

As a mother, I want the very best for my daughters. I now change direction, put it all in God's hands, and ask that He will send good, fatherly examples into the lives of Katie and Emily.

I see a road which was once blocked and congested now opening up before me. Freedom pours through the windows of my life.

Springtime is a new beginning. Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Easter!


Lizzyblack said...

Happy spring, girl! I think it's a nice season, warmth the heart. I love it, it makes you think you can do better :)
Just wanted to tell you that I moved my blog, or better, I hold the one in blogspot only for crafty stuffs, but write a bit on

Loads of kisses to all of you, girls!!

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