Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seven Weeks and Counting. . .

Seven weeks from this Tuesday is April 15th! woohoo! For those new to this blog, I work as a tax return assembler at this accounting firm. Unfortunately it will be a lonnnng seven weeks as we've just now started getting busy. I put in 58 hours this week, but it will get worse. I'm taking it one day at a time, especially with being a single mom this time.

My universal card reader is shot, so no pictures for awhile. Yikes :o( Especially since there is little time for shopping.

Emily had her cast removed this past week! Yay! She's in a removable walking boot that she wears outside the house. It will be so nice to have her ride the bus to school once again. She'll go back in three weeks for her final xrays and to be "set free" as the doctor calls it!

The divorce proceedings are going way too slow since the Stranger Who Used to Be My Husband seems to think he's entitled to a lot despite all his "misconduct" over the years. His latest quote is, "But they were only one-night stands!" Did I mention he had TEN of them in three years? Did I also mention that he's STILL with the (unmentionable name) who contributed to the final breakup of our marriage? Yes, they just celebrated their one-year anniversary this month. While I was working all those long tax-season hours last year, Mike was leaving our girls at home alone, out galavanting with her (when she wasn't with her other lovers--no joke).

Ah well, life is stranger than fiction at times, isn't it? I'm focusing on what's ahead because things can only get better!


velvet brick said...

Oh man... what a fiasco with the divorce, girl. Tossing you a bone like you should be grateful about them ONLY being one-nighters. Geesh.

Sorry about that time of year...I know it is crazy for you and this year being a single mom makes it a bit dicey at times. But you and the girls are continuing to grow strong through this challenge and you seem to be a team of three that takes care of each other. I hope that the time passes smoothly for you and the girls! : )

Marty said...

Thank you for reminding me (this time of the year) that my job is not as bad as I might think it is! Especially with being off with snow--four days off! Don't hate me when I say that I was ready to come back today!

Sorry to hear about the Big Denial in the divorce proceedings. Remember what I told you when you called me about the bad news? New Beginnings. That's what we are all working towards--especially you and I. Too bad they don't all come when we want them to!

Hang in there, sis! I'll bring you back a treat from Hawai'i--some Michael Damian nuts, maybe? LOL Remember that one?!


Mary Jo said...

OMG - how could I forget about Michael Damian nuts! Yeah, bring me some of those! LOL BTW, I googled him recently and he still has that good hair after all these years!

Rhona said...

Hang in there MJ, as you say - things can only get better and it sounds like it's already starting.